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Another fresh week and time for one more superb and sexy Kendra Lust videos update. This one is rather special as you can probably see. This time we have a two in one update as Kendra just wanted you to enjoy as much of her content as possible. So we have two videos featuring her starring in some scenes. The firs one is her and another lady as they have some steaming hot lesbian sex in front of the cameras and for your entertainment. But if if you just had too much lesbian action from Kendra as of late just watch the next one.

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For the second video, the slutty and sexy brunette shows off her genuine love for taking things in her pussy hard core. And what we mean, is that in these Kendra Lust galleries you will see a nice clip in which Kendra takes a nice and deep fucking from a fucking machine. And you just have to see her taking that dildo as deep as it can go. Watch her as she moans in pleasure while the machine fucks her cunt fast and hard for your entertainment this fine day. Don’t forget to check out her past updates as well. You won’t regret it! If you liked this check out the blog and see a beautiful internet model getting wet and wild!

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Kendra Lust Video – White Couch

It’s time for another update, and this time we bring you a superb and hot video of the naughty brunette Kendra Lust going for another hot lesbian session. This fine day she seems to have called in another female fuck buddy and the two women want to spend the whole time doing what they love to their eager pussies. As you will see both of them are really horny and they just want to have their pussies taken care of this fine day.

Even though it’s a bit of a quick update, don’t let that fool you, as you will get to see the two in a full video together. This little two minute sample is here to serve as a little taste for what the full movie is like. And in this scene you get to see Kendra’s buddy as she presents her pussy for some nice tongue action from Kendra herself. As always we hope you loved the scene and we will be back next week with more content! Come inside website and enjoy watching other beauties in lesbian hardcore sex action!

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Lesbian Fuck Buddies

Today Kendra Lust returns with some more sexy and nice lesbian sex scenes. We promised you a fresh update and here it is. The naughty and sexy brunette seems to have stumbled upon another superb woman with long and blonde flowing hair. And since she was looking as hot as she did, even Kendra couldn’t resist the temptations. So the two found out that they had a mutual love for pussy as well as cocks, so the two headed back to the sexy blonde’s place for a nice little lesbian sex session with just the two of them. And you will be in for quite the nice treat with them as they will go about it for your enjoyment.

As the scene starts and the cameras roll, Kendra starts to kiss her new fuck buddy passionately and wild in these Kendra Lust pics tonight. As they also caress one another, they take off their clothes revealing some very sexy and hot curves covered by some very sensual and sexy lingerie outfits. Don’t fret as even those fly off pretty fast as the two are more and more eager to have a go at each other’s pussies. Watch as Kendra is the first one to take care of the blonde’s pussy as she licks on it, only to then take her turn to be pleased by the busty hottie. We hope you enjoyed your stay everyone and we’ll see you next time with more superb content as always! Also you might watch some habib show videos and see other sexy chicks getting wild!


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Kendra Lust Threesome Fuck

Hey there once more guys. This week it seems that Kendra Lust teamed up with none other than Sara Jay for his scene as they take a guy for the ride of his life tonight. The two women aimed to go for a nice hunt for fresh meat at the local bars tonight and so they prepared their most slutty outfits for the occasion. As they made an entry they scouted the place quickly and laid eyes on a suitable guy that would do well for their needs tonight. And so Kendra and her sexy blonde friend went to his table and flanked him from both sides so that he won’t escape.


After a nice and revealing chat, the two ladies made their proposition, and you can bet your ass that the guy accepted to head back home with both of them for the night. What guy in his right mind would deny these two ladies the cock that they need when they asked so nicely and they were looking super sexy. well either way, once they were back, the women made quick work of his clothes and started working his cock. Then you can see them taking turns riding his cock for the night. See you next time with more Kendra Lust pics guys!

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Lesbian Threesome

Again Kendra Lust returns with more fresh content and she’s brought along more of her hot and sexy friends. Seems that this sexy woman wants to show off that she likes having sex with other ladies as well. Well whatever makes her happy makes us and you guys happy doesn’t it? Today you will get to see how these very horny and sexy women like to spend their time taking care of one another’s pussies. And be sure that you will be in for a treat with them, cause like the chicks from the purecfnm blog, these slutty babes are some really sex addicts! They get to do just about everything you can imagine today.

When the cameras start to roll, that’s their cue to begin, and you simply must see them making an appearance in some very kinky outfits. Sure enough they engage in a nice and long foreplay session as they get to do some sensual and sexy kissing and caressing of one another’s sexy bodies. Then they take their spots as they are very horny and eager to get the fuck fest started. Watch the trio as they spend the whole afternoon fucking and pleasing one another’s wet pussies. We’re sure you’ll love it and we’ll see you next time.


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Kendra Lust Lesbian 69

Another fresh week and time for one more sexy and hot update. For this one it’s a Kendra Lust lesbian experience and you might remember the face of her female friend here. Yes you guessed it, it’s Jewels Jade and if you thought that that woman just enjoys cock you’d be sorely mistaken. How do you think that her and Kendra became best friends in the first place. Today she’s getting into some girl on girl action.


You can rest assured that Kendra herself knows how to treat a pussy right and that’s the reason why Jade loves her so much. Sit back and enjoy these two very hot and horny women as they get around to pleasing one another. Watch them do a nice and hot sixty nine as they lick one another’s wet pussies just for your viewing pleasure in this afternoon. See you next week with more everyone!

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Insane Threesome

This week Kendra Lust got together with another well known porn star which also happens to be one of her best friends to take a lucky guy for a nice ride. The name of her friend is Jewels Jade and she’s a very sexy and hard bodied brunette. Turns out that the two very naughty little ladies had something very naughty in mind and they needed to get their slutty hands on a guy for it to work. They just wanted to ride  guy so hard that he’d have problems walking the second day. And in this Kendra Lust pics set, you’ll see the two beauties go and do just that. So let’s just sit back and enjoy the nice sex show they will put on display.

As soon as the cameras start to roll, you see the two females, and as being successful in their little cock hunt, managed to get a lucky guy to do their every bidding tonight. And they waste no time in getting themselves and the dude undressed as they were very much eager to get the little fuck fest going. Kendra starts to work on the guy’s cock while Jade offers him her pussy as she allows him to lick her nicely. Then you get to see the two cuties as they take turns to ride that big cock making for a very nice scene indeed. Be sure to come by again soon as we will also have some Kendra Lust videos to show off to you! Come inside sexy Kelly Madison‘s website and enjoy watching another hot pornstar fucking and sucking huge cocks.


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Kendra Lust’s Hot 69

Today the sexy and hot Kendra Lust found herself having some more sexy fun times with another big and hard cock. This scene has her in the role of  a sexy lonely woman that is just too cock hungry for her own good. And since she hasn’t gotten any for a while today she just has to get some cock, she’s just tired of pleasing herself. She arranges to have a repair man drop by her house and then she’ll use her womanly charms to get him do whatever she wants. Pretty solid plan one might add, and it also worked.


When the guy arrives, KendraLust smilingly opens the door for him and greets him. He’s a bit stunned as the lady didn’t mention anything that needed repairing after a while of just talking to him. She then reveals that what needs repairing is her pussy, and he’d be the only one to have the tool required for the job at hand. Sure enough the dude was delighted to hear this as he’d get to have sex with this busty beauty. Watch Kendra sucking on his cock while he also works on her pussy as well. Enjoy and see you next time! If you wanna see other beautiful chicks getting their holes stuffed, check out the devils film site! Enjoy!

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Cum Bath

Hello there once again everyone. The slutty brunette that you all love, Kendra Lust is here with more amazing stuff for you to see just like in come into my bedroom video. This update is a bit short and quick, but still high quality as this busty woman always takes care to make her scenes look amazing. This fine scene has her getting down and dirty with more cock and as you imagine she absolutely adored the idea. Let’s see what went down.

When the cameras start to roll, Kendra can already be seen doing one nice and hot blow job for her stud tonight. She wants to make sure that his cock is nice and hard for her eager pussy and ass. Then she presents him with her wet holes and allows him to thoroughly fuck her hard and fast as she moans in pleasure. And for a nice extra at the end, she also let’s the guy blow his load all over her sexy ass!


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Kendra Lust – Sloppy Blowjob

Hey there guys, Kendra Lust is here again and she brought along another superb scene for you guys to see. In this one she seems to have gotten her slutty little hands on a dude that had a big cock needing some tender loving care. And Kendra is not one to deny it the special treatment. She met the guy at a hotel bar where she was staying and she simply got into a conversation with him. As she was interested in him, she decided that he’d be her fresh meat for the night and he didn’t have a say in the matter. Well you have to see just how badly and awesomely the dud gets manhandled by the busty beauty tonight!


Not that she minded the situation. Well Kendra went back to his room with him and she told him that he’d be in good hands tonight. The main focus of this Kendra Lust pics set is that Kendra is one master cock sucker and she knows how to do her job well. She takes the guy’s clothes off rather fast and them throws him on the bed. Once on top of him she starts to do her job as she starts to suck on the dude’s big dick with a passion. Watch every image in this gallery everyone and enjoy the nice scene that Kendra did today. That’s about it for now but do expect her to come back with more nice content next week. If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the Broke Amateurs site and see some horny amateur chicks sucking big cocks!

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